October 7, 2008

Statement of Ex Servicemen Association of Pakistan

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This comminique has been issued by PESA on the eve of the Joint session of Pakistan’s Parliament. October 7, 2008.



We the Ex Servicemen welcome the decision of the Government of Pakistan to provide a comprehensive briefing to the Parliament on the security situation of the country and on matters that have a bearing on it… Though belated, we still hope that as a consequence, our public representatives will assume and exert their due role to formulate national policies and subject them to Parliamentary scrutiny and accountability. In the ensuing paragraphs, we are suggesting some of the points that our honorable parliamentarians may like to raise after the in camera briefings.


1.                  Statements by some of our important leaders have created confusing picture regarding the US military strikes across the Pak-Afghan Border. Has our government permitted these strikes; and if so under what condition? Is the US abiding by the rules of engagement if any; and is there any post strike analysis to determine if the intended targets were correctly identified and engaged?


2.                  The public has been repeatedly been told that Pakistani military operations were directed against elements that were acting against the country’s interests and have been sponsored/aided by foreign powers. Could the Government agencies please provide more details? This is important because the tribesmen are not against Pakistan and some of the ‘militants’ groups have time and again stated that their primary goal was only to support the Afghan resistance against foreign occupation and because of their tribal traditions they were obliged to go to their help.



3.                  There is also a need to present to the Parliament, the Government’s assessment of the effectiveness of the use of force against the militants. During the last four to five years, this approach seems to have failed and the violence has spread affecting not only the tribal areas but also the rest of the country. Now that we have asked some of the tribes to raise Lashkars to deal with the militants, are we sure that this will not result in more violence and God Forbid to tribal warfare.


4.                  Indeed, the country is faced with serious economic problems. Are we therefore wilting under US pressure and continuing with the use of the military instrument against our better judgment? Is it not time to say NO to the US aid if it was tied with policies that were destabilizing the country?



5.                  Our political leadership has often told us that the WAR in our border regions was our WAR. We think it was not, but if now as a result of the flawed policies of the previous regime which has become OURS, then should we not wage it as it is to be done when our own people were involved; politically, psychologically, socially and through persuasion; force only to be used as a last resort and that too selectively through covert and intelligence operations?


We also appeal to our elected President to strengthen the democratic institutions. Lately he has made statements that do not reflect the will of the people or the sanction of the Parliament. He has inferred the Kashmir Freedom Struggle as a terrorist movement. We suggest that he not only withdraw his remarks but also apologizes on the floor of the house. It is also incumbent that we morally support this movement.

Brigadier (Retired) Samson Simon Sharaf



  1. the essence of the matter is that the generals and politicians are a hopeless lot.They were always like this and are like this to include all from 1947.This government came after it gave firm assurances to USA that it will be as hopeless and will stand as much kicking as all Pakistani leaders since 1951.That defines it all .

    Comment by A.H Amin Major (Retired) — October 8, 2008 @ 4:33 am

  2. Very logical statement by the honorable Ex-Servicemen. I hope the same views will be included in the in-camera briefing today.

    Thanks for reproducing this here.

    Comment by Zeemax — October 8, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

  3. Nicely summarized points here. There needs to be a clear and concise uniform policy statements from the military and the democratic government.

    As for the president and his last month in power I have to say I have been open-minded and hoped that he would be a reformed person. However, he has had three strikes already since he took oath as a the president:

    1) Statement lacking strategy as mentioned above in the last paragraph.
    2) His “teenage” conversation with US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin that has been ridiculed locally and in US.
    3) His loose comments regarding communism and socialism prompting harsh statement from China.
    In baseball they say three strikes and you are out. Question is how many strikes is our nation willing to allow to our president?

    Comment by Arshad — October 12, 2008 @ 1:48 pm

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