May 27, 2014


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A Provincial Government cannot be as helpless as was seen in the press conference by CM Khattak, also attended by Imran Khan. With the concurrent lists revised, Provinces are far more autonomous and powerful.They can invite investments in various forms and if needed get sovereign guarantees through the federal government. It is only after the federal government refuses that they qualify to cry foul.  

Having been at the helm of Gen Musharraf’s first 100 days and the positive feedback we got and how Forex built up within two years, I am convinced there are many avenues the party has not explored. Even PTI die hard members ran into firewalls and threw their projects in Punjab’s lap.  

PTI’s Core committee and those who run KPK are missing many points.  

I was a guest on TimesNow, an Indian channel and had to make commentaries as events unfolded. If the prime purpose of the PM’s visit was seeking investments in the energy sector, then he has failed his home work. 

Energy sector now manipulates Pakistan. More FDI with similar concessions will make Pakistan a bigger hostage. We cannot have a situation where a circular debt of Rs 1 Trillion, half of it owed to Indian energy giants in Suratgarh bleed the country blue. There could be more indigenous plans. 

What about the daily slippages of Rs. 12 Billion. Taking a 300 working days calendar year, this comes to a staggering 3.6 Trillion or 36 Billion $. Pakistan can put up 10 Suratgarh projects as also buy off most IPPS.  

Reinvest 100 Billion dollars stashed abroad in communication infrastructure, Steel Mill, Oil and Gas and you are over the moon within a year.  

Stop the hassle of GM seeds in lowly self interest and turn to indigenous varieties of cotton developed by Tarnab/NARC and you increase your cotton production 10 times over with no environmental hazards. A massive surplus that shall crash international markets. With better agriculture management, a jump start to GDP by 3-5 is practical. 

Reclaim your indigenous Canola seed program and save forex on soya meals and palm oil imports. I know the idiots and traitors who sabotaged this project. 

So what is all the hassle about? A good team can turn around Pakistan within a year and I have the honour of having tasted this blood. There are many who remain in awe of me for just this reason.  

Within three years Pakistan could have a walloping growh of 15%. In five years, we will be in a position to invest in India. Remember Modi produced 10% of this model in Gujrat and accounted for 15% of India’s growth. 

We need Governance and not Government. A unifocal doer is all we need.  

Pakistan tere Janisar, Beshamar Beshamar.



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