June 16, 2014

Commentary 2. Waziristan Operations

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As per latest communication intercepts, TTP and foreign militants have suffered heavy damages in NWA due to air strikes. This has forced them to re- evaluate their tactics and organisation. A new Askari Committee is being formed under the leadership of TT Swat Fateh Ustad. TTP is vacating Miran Shah. They are concentrating around Shawal for their next move. Shawal is under constant military surveillance. Sleeper cells in urban areas have open ended orders.

Militants have suffered over 187 dead. They took to sniping and planting booby traps around the main lines of communications. 8 soldiers were martyred in a landmine explosion near Pak-Afghan border.

The LEAs have sealed major towns like Miran Shah, Mir Ali and Machis. There is night time curfew. Tribal Maliks are cooperating.
LEAs have been deployed on high alert in major cities. Those with Reason and not the Gun have sheepishly handed over security of Chief Minister Punjab to the Army.

Meanwhile PTI has come out with a delayed response. It seems the core committee was swept by time and tide. PTI with reference to KPK was in a position to play a pivotal role but foolish statements of its ill-informed leaders distanced it from the military planners. A political party aspiring to assume power in future ought to have been more responsible and riding the crises rather than be reactive.

PTI now needs to get back to the drawing board. The chairman needs to form a new advisory council that should comprise professional people who have no personal political ambitions. Their sole focus should be Pakistan. This secretariat should work like a Strategic command brief the chairman on daily basis with its situational reports and recommendations.

The party leaders would also do well to rethink many of the bullets and banners they have created so that youngsters stop seeing the armed forces in dark grey.


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  1. your comments are highly justified in present scenario but there are many to intoxicate your chairman with usuall dharnas

    Comment by Safdar Ali Khan — June 17, 2014 @ 11:19 am

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