December 18, 2014

APS Peshawar Carnage by Terrorists.

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Tariq Saeed

I attended the funeral of Shaheed Mrs Tariq wife of Brigadier Tariq Saeed at Mardan yesterday. I paid respects to the bereaved family and prayed with them.
The details I got are chilling. The militants had detailed instructions and knew names of specific individuals to be targeted. After they broke fire, they were getting constant orders on Russian wireless sets. It is also suspected that they had some accomplice within the school. Wireless intercepts revealed that they had orders to locate and burn Mrs. Qazi and Mrs. Saima Tariq, both wives of military officers. In the auditorium, they singled her out, shot her in the arm and then poured phosphorous over her. During this chilling episode she was yelling at terrorists in Pushto not to kill the children.
Mrs. Tariq was a PhD from UK and teaching at the school. She was eight months pregnant.
The school is located outside the cantonment premises and had very little protection. There were only two Askari Guards and no police. The Quick Reaction Force arrived after 17 minutes, had no contingency plans and ill prepared to seize the situation.
It is normal practice that mobile squads of QRF and Elite Force are stationed close to likely soft targets. In this case, it appears that nothing was coordinated. The school was a sitting duck.
Heads must roll amongst local military commanders and district administration including police.


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